Formula Bharat

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Endurance order for FB2018

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The following is the Endurance order (ascending) for FB2018. The last three on the list are shuffled.

The team on the top of the list shall be the first to line up for the event. Also note that teams that passed all tech events by the end of Saturday, must be in the endurance line before 10:45 AM today.

Car #    Team Name

05 Team Nequit
48 Team Acceleracers
46    Shaurya Racing
70    The Interceptors
14    Camber Racing
11    Ashwa Racing
2    DJS Racing
20    Stallion Motorsport S3.0
21    GT Motorsports
9    Team Octane Racing
4    Raftar Formula Racing
15    Team Kratos Racing
38    Team Defianz Racing
1    Orion Racing India

Updated Sun Jan 29, 10:00 AM