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Collaboration with Decibels Lab on EV courses and internship programs

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Formula Bharat is pleased to announce its collaboration with Decibels Lab in promoting its online courses and internship programs on Electric Vehicle powertrain systems. The learning outcomes of its programs will assist teams and individuals in utilizing Model-Based Definition (MBD) through software such as Matlab and Simulink, to build and analyze systems and components of EV powertrains. These models will help participants make analytical decisions, study behavior with various inputs and simulate the testing of functionalities in a virtual space.

MBD is the industry approach for product development and is an integral part of the V-cycle. Utilizing MBD tools will allow teams to build their vehicle with further analytical reasoning and will also prepare students with industry-required skill sets.

Many EV Formula student teams have already benefited from Decibels Lab’s programs. Through this collaboration, Decibels Lab offers a discount of 10% to all participants on courses and internships listed on its website.

Visit to find more about the programs. Participants may also reach out via phone at +91-7411019255 or by email at