Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition

Interview: Krunal Mehta

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  • Full Name: Krunal Mehta
  • Role on Formula Bharat: Design Documents Reviewer
  • Institution: University of Michigan-Dearborn
  • Position: Automotive Systems Engineering
  • Location: Michigan, USA

  • Master of Science: Automotive Systems Engineering (Pursuing from University of Michigan-Dearborn)
  • Design Engineer: Aster Automotive Private Limited (2014-2015)
  • Assistant Manager: Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Ltd. (2012-2014)
  • Bachelors in Engineering, KJ Somaiya College of Engineering: Mechanical (2008-2012)
  • Formula Student Involvement:
    – UMD Racing Electric: Vehicle Dynamics Lead (2016-2017)
    – Formula Bharat: Design Document and Technical Support (2016-2017)
    – Formula Student India: Design Document and Technical Support (2014-2016)
    – Orion Racing India: Air Intake and Exhaust System Lead (2011-2012)
    – Orion Racing India: Power-train Team member (2010-2011)


Formula Student is all about mentorship and passing on the ‘lessons learnt’; are there any lessons learnt during your time on the student team, that you would like current participants to know about?
1. Team and Time management (Project Management) is the most important aspect. Ignore this and you are done!
2. Small steps at a time can lead to big achievements. Teams should have an aim to complete first and then compete.
3. Justify your designs and keep your basics simple and strong.
4. Don’t be afraid of failure. The more you fail, the more you learn. Break parts, make new designs, asses the designs and make them again.
5. Give your best. After the competition is over, most of us have one thing in our hearts, ” Give me one more chance and I can nail it!”
And at the end, ENJOY THIS PERIOD!!!

As a document reviewer, what tips can you give to student teams?
1. Please follow the instructions mentioned in the rule book and also on the website
2. Follow the checklist provided. It will help you to have a good report!
3. Your documents are the first impression of your team for us. Make sure you make it count!

Do you believe that Indian teams can bring about a change in the way they are perceived on the Global Formula Student platform?

They already are! The quality of cars that go for international competitions has improved and now we see them performing well. Initially, clearing Technical Inspection was a challenge in itself. But now, we can see that Indian teams are competing and earning good points in the Dynamic events as well. There is still a lot of scope for improvement but yes, teams have shown urge to do that. They are evolving and the gap between the teams from others on the Global Formula Student platform is shrinking! And that looks good and promising!

Why do you think a competition like Formula Bharat is important in India?
Formula Bharat is a competition that aims to give the students in the engineering colleges an exposure to the industrial environment. Main aim of the competition is : Designed By Students, Manufactured By Students and Marketed By Students!

This gives them a hands on experience and also helps them improve their skills. Right from Time management to Team management to Fund management, students contribute and understand the importance of it.

Also, Formula Bharat is a competition that organised by the Alumni from different teams and by the people who have experience of international competitions. With experienced judges from the industry, students get a chance to interact with them and understand things beyond the syllabus!

Formula Bharat helps to enhance the skill sets and also provides a platform to the students to showcase their talent and engineering skills on national level!