Formula Bharat

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FB2021 EV Awards Ceremony

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The Formula Bharat 2021 EV Awards Ceremony will take place live on the Formula Bharat YouTube Channel from 7 PM IST onwards on Sunday, December 27, 2020.

The awards to be delivered (in no particular order) are:

  • Business Event Winner
  • Business Event – 2nd Place
  • Business Event – 3rd Place
  • Business Event – Audience Vote
  • Business Event – Innovative Concept
  • Business Event – Best Business Plan Pitch Deck
  • Business Event – Best Presentation Delivery
  • Engineering Design Event Winner
  • Engineering Design Event – 2nd Place
  • Engineering Design Event – 3rd Place
  • Engineering Design Event – 4th Place
  • Best Battery Design
  • Best Powertrain Design
  • Overall Virtual Event Winner
  • Overall Virtual Event – 2nd Place
  • Overall Virtual Event – 3rd Place

Also to be presented are the following Notable Mentions:

  • Business Event – Best Financials
  • Formula Student debut

The following is the link to the live Awards Ceremony: