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Announcing the Ather Energy “Software Awards 2020”

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Formula Bharat is pleased to announce a range of Special Awards – “Software Awards” – hosted by Ather Energy. Three special awards will be distributed to their respective winners who will be announced at the Formula Bharat 2020 competition on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

Download the award information brochure here.

“Software powers everything we do at Ather: the scooter, the ecosystem and the enterprise. With 46 sensors on the scooter, intelligence is built ground up in the Ather 450, data helps us optimize product performance, improve it via over-the-air updates and also is great insight for designing future products.

The possibilities of how software in an electric vehicle can redefine product development, the ownership experience and change the way we look at the urban commute, is endless.

This puts a huge emphasis on the software code being developed, it cannot be ad hoc. It needs to have sound architecture and high reliability.

While the students at Formula Bharat bring out their engineered marvels onto the track, we would like to understand

1) How are they deciding on their hardware aspects?

2) How are they arriving at what software they plan to use?

3) How are they testing this?

4) Software Integration across their sub-teams “

Awards Description:

A description of all three awards can be downloaded here.


Only teams registered for Formula Bharat 2020 may participate in the award submissions.

Submission Details:

  • As per the document above, three awards will be presented:
    • Software Gurus Award
    • Code Hatcher Award
    • yourSoftwareStory Award
  • Submissions to each award must be made separately – one submission per team per award.
  • Submissions may be made in any format suitable to the team.
  • Kindly ensure that the following details are listed in the header of each page of the document: Car #, Team Name, Institution Name, Contact Person Full Name, Contact Person Email Address
  • The number of pages towards each submission is limited to (i.e. maximum) the following:
    • Software Gurus Award: 5 pages
    • Code Hatcher Award: 5 pages
    • yourSoftwareStory Award: 2 pages
  • Deadline: January 5, 2020 by 11:59 PM

Submission Portal:


Online Q&A Session:

Have more questions with regards to the Software Awards? Ather Energy will be hosting an online Q&A session on the following date:

*NEW Thursday November 28, 2019, 12 PM to 1 PM – Click here to sign up

Selection Process:

A maximum of 2 submissions per award will be chosen for the Final Round. Teams that enter the Final Round will be invited to present their submissions to judging personnel of Ather Energy at the Formula Bharat 2020 competition during scheduled slots of 35 mins each, provided between 11 AM – 3 PM on Friday January 24, 2020.

Winner of each award will be announced at the Awards Ceremony 1 on Saturday January 25, 2020.