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Academy Series: Transitioning to an Electric Vehicle

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On Monday, April 10 at 7:30 PM IST, Parth Mehta, Pritam Waghode, Ganesh Shinde, Hari Raghavendran & Rishikesh Kulkarni shall be presenting on the topic “Transitioning to an Electric Vehicle” as part of the Formula Bharat Academy Series. The presentation will be aired live on the Formula Bharat YouTube Channel. In order to interact directly with the speaker via Zoom, you must register by filling out the following form:
The Zoom session will be accessible to the first 90 individuals who register.

Content that will be covered during this workshop session:

  • An overview of what it takes to take a step toward Transitioning to an Electric Vehicle 
  • Team and Project Management for a new / transitioning team
  • Planning and Procurement Strategy
  • Basics of Designing an Electric Vehicle
  • The importance of following the Rules and meeting deadlines in a competition.

About the speakers:

Pritam Waghode
Pritam currently works at Caterpillar, Bangalore as an Associate Engineer. He is an alumnus of Team Octane Racing Electric and has participated in the FSEV concept challenge in 2019, and thereafter participated in Formula Bharat in the EV category, taking up the roles of Data Acquisition Member, Electronics Member & E-Powertrain and Electronics Lead. He has been associated with FB as a team mentor, EV reviewer, and Staff member since 2021.

Parth Mehta
Parth currently works at Tesla as an Associate Quality Engineer – Cell Manufacturing. He has been a Formula Student participant for 5 years; 3 with Orion Racing from India and 2 with FaSTTUBe from Germany. He has been associated with FB as a volunteer since 2019 and has been the Team Management Strategy Lead at Pi-EV for the last 2 years and will be leading the Team Management event at Pi-EV 2023 too.

Ganesh Shinde
Ganesh is currently pursuing MSc. Automotive Engineering at Oxford Brookes University. He has been a Formula Student, and alumnus of Team Octane Racing Electric, which participated in the first FSEV Concept Challenge in 2018 and that transitioned to the EV category in 2019. He has been associated with FB as an EV Rules support member, an EV document reviewer, and a Staff member since 2020.

Rishikesh Kulkarni
Rishikesh is currently pursuing his masters in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech. He is an alumnus of Team Kratos Racing Electric. He participated in the first two seasons of the FSEV concept challenge and also in Formula Bharat taking up the roles of Marketing Lead, CV Engine Electronics, and EV Powertrain Member. He has been associated with Formula Bharat as an EV Committee member and an EV Document Reviewer since 2021.

Hari Raghavendran
Hari currently works at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as an Associate. He is an alumnus of Team Inspired Karters that participated in the FSEV Concept Challenge in 2019 & 2020 and further participated in Formula Bharat 2021. His role on the team was Team Manager, Aero Head, and Senior Engineer over the years.  He has been associated with Formula Bharat as a Team Management Strategy Judge at Pi-EV 2022.

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