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Academy Series: Racing Line Optimization and Velocity Profile Generation Using MATLAB

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On Tuesday, February 15 at 4 PM IST, Gautam Shetty from IIT Roorkee Motorsports and Veer Alakshendra from MathWorks will be presenting on the topic “Racing Line Optimization and Velocity Profile Generation Using MATLAB” as a part of the Formula Bharat Academy Series. The presentation will be aired live on the Formula Bharat YouTube Channel.

In this live session, the speakers will walk you through the steps involved in generating an optimal racing line. Initially, Gautam will cover the methodology used to build the algorithm. Further, he will go through the MATLAB program he wrote to solve the optimization problem, calculate the optimal racing line, and generate velocity profile for the racing line using semi-analytical method. Finally, Veer will demonstrate how the generated reference racing line and velocity profile can be tracked using lateral and longitudinal controllers in a Simulink model.

With advancements in automotive technology, various industries and academia are investing in optimizing racing lines for race cars. In Formula Student competitions or global racing championships such as Formula 1, the optimal racing line is one of the winning factors. In basic terms, an optimal racing line is the shortest path through a race circuit to achieve the best lap-time. Developing an optimal racing line algorithm will help the teams to compute the path for new tracks, improving the vehicle’s overall performance. This will also serve as a reference to train the drivers participating in conventional racing championships.

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