Academy Series: Preparing for the Engineering Design Event

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This session is a recording of an workshop held exclusively for Formula Bharat 2022 participants on November 6, 2021.

Michael Bakaic provides guidance on how student teams can prepare and gain success in the Engineering design event in Formula Student. Michael is a Formula Student alumnus himself. He spent 5 years on the University of Toronto Formula SAE team where he took on roles in Suspension and Steering, and later on as Team Captain from 2010 onwards.

Michael also served as Technical Operations Lead at Canada’s Formula Student competition, Formula North, from 2013 until 2018. He has volunteered as a Design Judge and as a Track Marshall at Formula SAE Michigan and Formula Bharat.

Presently, Michael and his FS team mate, Nicholas Burgwin, are running their own startup Fibos, which creates fiber optic technology for industrial Internet of things. Michael is also involved with the Ripple Studios project, “Ripple Verse” which promotes STEM amongst young girls through video games.

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  • Michael Bakaic – Formula Bharat Design Preparation – Nov 6 2021 (slides in this presentation)
  • Geoff Pearson – Reasoning your way through the FSAE design process – Compiled by Trent Strunk

2. Fibos Inc:

3. Ripple Studios: