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Academy Series: Modeling a Vehicle Dynamics System Using MATLAB and Simulink

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On Friday, February 19 at 5 PM ISTVeer Alakshendra from MathWorks with Karan Goyal and Shivam Agrawal from Axlr8r Formula Racing, IIT Delhi shall be delivering a session on the following topic, ‘Modeling a Vehicle Dynamics System Using MATLAB and Simulink’.

Veer will introduce MATLAB Live Editor by giving a basic example of generating velocity profiles for vehicles. He will also demonstrate low and high-fidelity models to drive the vehicle on various tracks using Vehicle Dynamics Blockset. Karan and Shivam from Axlr8r Formula Racing will share their experience of using Simulink for vehicle dynamics transient simulation.


  • Veer Alakshendra, Technical Evangelist, MathWorks
  • Shivam Agrawal, Chief Mechanical, Axlr8r Formula Racing, IIT Delhi
  • Karan Goyal, Senior Engineer (Drive Control), Axlr8r Formula Racing, IIT Delhi

This live session is complimentary for all participants. The link to the session will be available on, at least 30 minutes prior to the session.

MathWorks is a Platinum level sponsor of the Formula Bharat 2021 event.

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