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Academy Series: Keeping your tires happy

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The only connection you’ve got between your FS car and the ground are your tires. The choice of tire for your car is probably the most important technical choice you are going to have to make of the whole car. Do you make your pick based on the data available on the Tire Consortium or based on the best tires that the opposition are running? – Pat Clarke

Find out details on this and more on Sunday, February 7 at 11 AM IST during the “Keeping your tires happy” session with Pat Clarke.

This live session is complimentary for all participants, however, this session is a closed-door session for registered participants only. The registration form will be open all day on from 11 AM IST on Saturday February 6 and will close the same evening by 11 PM IST. Registration will be limited to 300 participants. The session will take place on Zoom, and only those whose names appear on the submitted form responses will be allowed to enter in.

The recordings for the session will be made available on the Formula Bharat YouTube channel within two days post-session.

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