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Academy Series: FS Aerodynamics

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On Friday February 5 at 6 PM IST, Saiduth Ramesh with Team SkillShark shall be delivering a presentation on the following topic, ‘Formula Student Aerodynamics: Speed Hack or Horsepower Hog?‘. During this webinar, Saiduth will give an insight into some baseline methodologies teams can adopt to decide whether their aero kits are worth the extra cost. He hopes to provide an insight into what aero can potentially do for an FS vehicle and to help newer teams learn about the basics of aero while helping more experienced teams reconsider the use of these devices in their cars.

This live session is complimentary for all participants. The link to the session will be available on, at least 30 minutes prior to the session.


This session is expected to be 75 mins long. The topics covered are as follows:

  • A basic introduction to fluid/aerodynamics
  • Common aero devices used in real racecars
  • How aerodynamics help cars go quicker in corners (circuit)
  • How aerodynamics help cars go faster (oval)
  • Aero-maps and vehicle dynamics
  • Basic lap time simulation techniques to determine your aero requirements
  • Design considerations for FS aerodynamics
  • Manufacturing considerations for FS aerodynamics
  • Gauging your performance with competitors

About the Speaker:

Saiduth Ramesh is a B. Tech graduate from the SRM University in Chennai. During his studies, he participated on the Camber Racing team as an Aero Engineer and Competition Driver. Post-graduation, Saiduth pursued an MSc in Motorsports Engineering offered by the Oxford Brookes University in the UK and completed his final year’s thesis with a focus on Advanced Vehicle Dynamics and Laptime Simulation & Race Engineering.

Saiduth currently works as a Motorsport content developer at SkillShark Edutech and assists in race engineering for international eSports events.