Formula Bharat

An Indian Formula Student competition

Academy Workshop 2021 (FBAC 2021)

“Words and ideas can change the world” – John Keating, Dead Poets’ Society

On Saturday June 26 & Sunday June 27, Formula Bharat will be hosting its annual workshop on the Gather.Town virtual platform. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Listen to 16+ speakers on various topics in Formula Student
  • Meet with document reviewers to address teams’ concerns
  • Engage in 1-on-1 discussions from project management to engineering design
  • Meet participants from other teams and network with judges
  • Explore a virtual space designed to foster new ideas and personal growth

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Registration is closed. Participants can download their certificates from here.


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  • *Subject to change / updates.
  • All times in Indian Standard Time (IST)

Saturday, June 26

13:00Hogwarts open for exploration
14:0014:50Opening notesPat ClarkeThe Great Hall
15:0015:50Starting from scratch with your EV PowertrainPranav DandekarThe Great Hall
16:0016:50Automating Automotive Design – Realizing Physical Wire Harness With Zuken Design ToolsPrem Savio T, Zuken IndiaThe Great Hall
16:0017:00Social Media for SponsorshipsNeil AthaydeThe Astronomy Room
17:0018:00Common mistakes in documentation: FMEAMehul LadChamber of Secrets
17:0018:15Building MATLAB Apps for Formula Student Competitions, with Veloce RacingVeer Alakshendra, Mathworks
Stephen Ninan, Veloce Racing
The Great Hall
18:2019:45Engine and ECU Tuning (Intermediate Level)Karan BopaiahThe Great Hall
20:00Hogwarts closed

Sunday, June 27

10:00Hogwarts open for exploration
10:0010:50OpeningClaude RouelleThe Great Hall
11:0012:00Biggest mistakes in Business Plan PresentationSharan HegdeThe Astronomy Room
11:0012:00Decision making in FS: Examples from IndustryDevesh BhartiChamber of Secrets
11:0014:00Pat’s Corner OpenPat ClarkeHagrid’s Hut
12:0013:00AI/ML in Powertrain Calibration (EV)Dileep Prabhu, Bosch IndiaThe Great Hall
13:0019:00Scavenger Hunt Open
13:0013:50Powertrain Torque Vectoring – Focus on Pedal Map optimization (EV)Roshan Rao, Bosch IndiaThe Great Hall
14:0014:50Presentation on Driver Training & MotorsportsRayomand BanajeeThe Great Hall
14:0015:00Introduction to the Cost and Manufacturing EventRahul Arethiya, Saurabh KokilChamber of Secrets
15:0015:50Common mistakes in documentation: SES & IADSonu SinghThe Great Hall
15:3016:30Common mistakes in documentation: ESFMehul LadThe Astronomy Room
16:0017:00Software Integration in FS: Where do we begin?Hari VasudevanChamber of Secrets
16:0017:00Power Conversion in EV systemsVishal Verma, Ather EnergyThe Great Hall
17:0018:00Panel: Leadership in Formula Student during COVID-19Aditya Patil, Navneeth Srinivasan, Vivek MahindrakarThe Astronomy Room
18:0019:00Leadership lessons in Formula Student – My StoryAriel AviThe Great Hall
20:00Hogwarts closed


The workshop will be held virtually on the Gather.Town platform. Participants are required to test the demo version to ensure that they are able to access the platform via their desktop or laptop, via their registered email address.

Participants will receive a personalized link of the customized space on Gather.Town for the Academy Workshop 2021 by June 25 via their registered email address.

The Great HallLarge Conference Auditorium
The Chamber of SecretsMid-Size Auditorium
The Astronomy RoomMid-Size Auditorium; Panel discussions
The Hogwarts LibraryPrivate meeting spaces; EV Rules Queries7
Dumbledore’s OfficePrivate meeting spaces; General & CV Rules Queries7
The Room of RequirementPrivate meeting spaces; Student discussions on Team Management, Sponsorship, Resources, Design etc.4+
Gryffindor Common RoomPrivate meeting spaces + Game Room; Student hangout5
Hagrid’s HutPrivate meeting space (limited seats); Pat’s Corner1
Viaduct CourtyardOpen Space
Quidditch GroundsOpen Space


For concerns, email formulabharat(@)

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